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A few years ago, while on holiday, Walker Zabriskie, an American furniture designer based in Bali, had an epiphany -- a life-changing moment. Walker and his family were staying at a small hotel on the beach. The landscaping was lush and tropical, hammocks slung between palm trees and there was a large, communal table where guests dined together every evening. In the morning, they were strangers, and by nightfall, they soon became friends getting to know each other, swapping stories over dinner. It was simple, yet beautiful with an overlying sense of calm. It was a homey place that guests raved about when they got home and came back to year after year. In collaboration with his dear, old friend, Nyoman Sukanata, Walker knew that one day he would open a hotel just like that was all about the experience and the people you meet.

This idea, coupled with the inspiration of a lifelong dream, the Stone House began as a passion for all things beautiful; gardens, textures, colors, materials and the exotic. Stone House is a sophisticated interpretation of age-old Balinese building methods balanced with modern sensibilities. Walker provided the guidance, design and a few years and many grey hairs later, the Stone House is made up of three individual suites..... ideal for a family or a group of friends, thus creating an air of exclusivity.

Our goal is to be authentic Balinese, rustic chic, with a bit of luxury thrown in. We prefer a private guest concept, where guests will have an unique opportunity to spend time with us, work one-on-one with our amazing staff who exude the Balinese graciousness that travelers around the world have come to know and adore.



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Jl. Tirta Tawar, Kutuh Kaja, Ubud, Bali